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How to Get Saved


Can you answer these questions:

Are you saved? If you die tonight … are you going to Heaven?

I have visited Andre J. Hendricks‘s site recently and decided to share one of his video in this blog. No way to avoid above questions and those should be answered urgently, because we never know our time. The following video will show the most important choice you ever make in your life.

Video – How To Get Saved and Be Part of The Rapture!

Note from Andre J. Hendricks’s for this Video in Youtube:

Jesus Christ (Yeshua) wants to offer you a free gift of eternal life. If you believe in Him and the sacrifice He made on the cross, you’ll receive this gift free of charge. You cannot earn it through good works, nor can you deserve it. It is a gift of grace… God’s grace upon sinners. If you reject it, you’ll lose the opportunity of spending eternity in Heaven with God, and you’ll pay for your own sins in Hell for all of eternity. The choice is yours… The video, an excerpt from our main video at ,will help you make the right one! – God Bless!

Find Bible Verses about salvation here

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